Josh Meyer found scent using a love for several issues beautiful – be it whiskey, literature, food, pipes, or music balanced having a strong aversion to exaggerated over-luxury.

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An urgent enthusiasm was started by a finding of market perfumery, and he started his job like a perfumer this year. Together with his powerful love of clever beauty, his passion for that area brought him to search out the best garbage from all over the world. In his new lab, he more invested a lot of time studying, re-working improving, and refining his distinctive method of the art. He released his fresh perfume home, and eventually created eight preparations which were exceptional: Imaginary Writers.

Fictional Writers comes into the world as provocation as art and art in the idea of smell. Just like a great book, the smells are designed to encourage you. The fragrances are designed as layered stories, and a powerful story peppered with interesting twists is followed by each Fictional Writers scent. Explore Josh Meyer Chicago.

Located in Portland, Oregon, Fictional Writers desires to garner a brand new industry with extremely creative marketing, high concept tips, and – obviously – high quality fragrances.